I. Channel support
It provides scientific services for franchisee's store site selection, experience prediction, etc., and diversified opening support for dealers, mainly including exhibition support, decoration support, return and replacement support, as well as image upgrading in the later period, etc., to encourage dealers to keep up with The Times and finally achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.
Ii. Brand support
Have a strong planning team, timely and effectively carry out marketing promotion activities, for the promotion of terminal stores to facilitate the rapid transaction, improve the terminal store business performance to provide an important guarantee and continuous power.Regularly carry out brand communication campaigns, online and offline, new media and traditional media, to achieve connection and interaction, and maximize brand promotion.
Iii. Product support
Organize and implement new product release conference every year, complete return and exchange mechanism, ensure accurate and quick exchange of goods in all regions of the country, and guarantee smooth sales of goods.
Iv. Price support
Strict and perfect price system, to ensure the brand sustainable success.The unified national retail price has always been the rigid index of the brand. In accordance with the principle of unity, transparency and openness, the company has established a unified national terminal market retail price system, constantly maintaining the brand value, protecting the rights and interests of business partners and customers, standardizing the market order, and building a good and harmonious operating environment.
V. Training support
Human resource is the first positive energy of enterprise development and the concrete manifestation of core competitiveness.Attach great importance to the training of employees in various positions.
Vi. Information support
Actively promote full coverage of ERP system.The static data of the whole sales chain can be monitored and tracked effectively.It provides decision-making for ter